General Roman Calendar

2017 / 4

1 Sat
  Sat, 4th week of Lent
2 Sun
  Sun, 5th week of Lent
3 Mon
  Mon, 5th week of Lent
4 Tue
  Tue, 5th week of Lent
5 Wed
  Wed, 5th week of Lent
6 Thu
  Thu, 5th week of Lent
7 Fri
  Fri, 5th week of Lent
8 Sat
  Sat, 5th week of Lent
9 Sun
  Sun, 6th week of Lent
10 Mon
  Mon, 6th week of Lent
11 Tue
  Tue, 6th week of Lent
12 Wed
  Wed, 6th week of Lent
13 Thu
  Thu, 6th week of Lent
14 Fri
  Friday of the Passion of the Lord
15 Sat
  Holy Saturday
16 Sun
  Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
17 Mon
  Mon, 1st week of Easter
18 Tue
  Tue, 1st week of Easter
19 Wed
  Wed, 1st week of Easter
20 Thu
  Thu, 1st week of Easter
21 Fri
  Fri, 1st week of Easter
22 Sat
  Sat, 1st week of Easter
23 Sun
  Sun, 2nd week of Easter
24 Mon
  Mon, 2nd week of Easter
  Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen, priest and martyr, optional memorial
25 Tue
  Saint Mark the Evangelist, feast
26 Wed
  Wed, 2nd week of Easter
27 Thu
  Thu, 2nd week of Easter
28 Fri
  Fri, 2nd week of Easter
  Saint Peter Chanel, priest and martyr, optional memorial
  Saint Louis Grignon de Montfort, priest, optional memorial
29 Sat
  Saint Catherine of Siena, virgin and doctor of the Church, memorial
30 Sun
  Sun, 3rd week of Easter