In adiutorium homepage

Homepage of the In adiutorium project offers Liturgy of the Hours musical scores for the current liturgical season. For determination of the current liturgical season and day it relies on Church Calendar API. The "liturgical today" is retrieved once a day and cached until midnight.

Catholic Flash Alexa App

Catholic Flash is an app for Amazon Alexa. It provides you with information from the Catholic liturgical calendar as part of your Alexa daily briefing. For example, it would tell you something like, "Today is the 18th Friday in ordinary time and is the feast day of Saint Augustine."

Catholic Liturgical Calendar Android App

Catholic Liturgical Calendar Android App provides access to Roman Catholic liturgical calendar according to the norms set forth by the liturgical reform after the II Vatican Council. It supports all 5 language Calendars (en,fr,it,cs,la).

Have you built an application using Church Calendar API? Or are you running your own public instance of the API? Showcase it here! You may directly edit this page on github and open a pull-request.

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