General Roman Calendar

2012 / 1

1 Sun
  Octave Day of Christmas, of Mary, Mother of God, solemnity
2 Mon
  Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, bishops and doctors, memorial
3 Tue
  Tue, 2nd week of Christmas
  The Most Holy Name of Jesus, optional memorial
4 Wed
  Wed, 2nd week of Christmas
5 Thu
  Thu, 2nd week of Christmas
6 Fri
  The Epiphany of the Lord
7 Sat
  Sat, 2nd week of Christmas
  Saint Raymond of Penyafort, priest, optional memorial
8 Sun
  The Baptism of the Lord, feast
9 Mon
  Mon, 1st week of Ordinary
10 Tue
  Tue, 1st week of Ordinary
11 Wed
  Wed, 1st week of Ordinary
12 Thu
  Thu, 1st week of Ordinary
13 Fri
  Fri, 1st week of Ordinary
  Saint Hilary of Poitiers, bishop and doctor, optional memorial
14 Sat
  Sat, 1st week of Ordinary
15 Sun
  Sun, 2nd week of Ordinary
16 Mon
  Mon, 2nd week of Ordinary
17 Tue
  Saint Anthony of Egypt, abbot, memorial
18 Wed
  Wed, 2nd week of Ordinary
19 Thu
  Thu, 2nd week of Ordinary
20 Fri
  Fri, 2nd week of Ordinary
  Saint Fabian, pope and martyr, optional memorial
  Saint Sebastian, martyr, optional memorial
21 Sat
  Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr, memorial
22 Sun
  Sun, 3rd week of Ordinary
23 Mon
  Mon, 3rd week of Ordinary
24 Tue
  Saint Francis de Sales, bishop and doctor, memorial
25 Wed
  The Conversion of Saint Paul, apostle, feast
26 Thu
  Saints Timothy and Titus, bishops, memorial
27 Fri
  Fri, 3rd week of Ordinary
  Saint Angela Merici, virgin, optional memorial
28 Sat
  Saint Thomas Aquinas, priest and doctor, memorial
29 Sun
  Sun, 4th week of Ordinary
30 Mon
  Mon, 4th week of Ordinary
31 Tue
  Saint John Bosco, priest, memorial